Get $100 for Google Adwords FREE

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Only 15 left…first come first serve. This is for new accounts only. If you want to create a secondary account on a separate billing card, that’s fine too. This is a 100% free offer. Just use the contact form to request your unique code and we’ll send it to you within 24 hours. Hurry, these [...]

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6 Link Building Essentials…(from Market Samurai)

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Here’s a short (and very incomplete) list of the link building approaches I like at the moment: 1. Article Syndication – Syndicating articles to build links is still very much a staple for SEO’ers around the world. There are ways to leverage your efforts here to increase the ‘spread’ of the articles you write that [...]

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Google+: The Pros & Cons

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Pro: Gorgeous UI – no surprise, it’s designed by one of the original designers of the apple graphic user interface. Pro: Circles Is Slick – it lets you keep your groups separate. Many people feel its Facebook’s missing piece. Pro: Google+ Hangouts – Everyone seems to love Hangouts. Slick interface and its just cool. Con: [...]

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8 Steps To Social Media Success

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Understanding The Sobe Social Workflow Social Media Marketing companies do things differently. Sobe Social uses an 8-step process that begins the initial consultation. Each step is designed to translate your brand into the language of social media. The process begins with how to build your business story and position your business as an authority then [...]

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We’ve Been Nominated for the Mashable Awards!

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Mashable is proud to present the fourth annual Mashable Awards (formerly known as Open Web Awards). The Mashable Awards celebrate major innovations and achievements in the digital and social media landscape by companies, people and projects via an open, multilingual, international, community-nominated voting platform. Millions of votes will be cast in 25 categories ranging from [...]

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Every Business Has A Story To Tell

How To Find Your Business’ Story

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The first part of the process in an initial consultation is finding out the ‘what’, or ‘what the business does’. For example, sell this product, offer that service, etc. Then we go a level deeper and identify the ‘how’. How a business offers their ‘what’ is an opportunity to set themselves apart from the pack. [...]

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Social Media Myth-Busting

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Resistance to Social Media is pointless. Millions of people can’t be wrong and if you are not participating it is easy to see that you are missing out.  Your competitors are there.  Your customers are there.  If you’re not there…you’re only tricking yourself! There are many myths that surround social media and here are just [...]

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The Social Media House Analogy

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For many business owners, its still a difficult task to wrap their heads around what social media is. Each business has its own struggle about how to determine the best way to use it in comparison to other forms of marketing. Ultimately they want to be able to justify the investment with hard numbers relating [...]

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People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It

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If you want to be successful, they say ‘surround yourself with successful people’. If you want to stimulate your mind, they say ‘surround yourself with smart people’. If you want a shortcut to be able to surround yourself with successful and brilliant people then go directly to TED. There is nothing like TED ( except [...]

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A (very) Quick Review of ‘The Social Network’

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Field Trip! yeah when ‘The Social Network’ came out on Friday, it did technically fall into a ‘work’ related event so the company went to the movies this weekend. In case you missed it, ‘The Social Network’ is about the supposed story of how Facebook was created.  Today Facebook, the most popular social network in [...]

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